Findom is your fetish? Click here. Power:
“Ok prisoners!
You have been sentenced to life behind bars. Your governments have sent you to me because I am the most sadistic bitch in the world. Now I just want to make sure we are all on the same page here. You guys did sign a contract before you were shipped to me right?”
Prisoners shouting:
“Yes Madame Power.”

Madame Power:
 Your name is Bob right?
 Answer me NOW. What does your contract state?”
Prisoner Bob:
“It states that if we can survive a full year in your prison, our sentences would be null and void.”
Madame Power:
“That’s right boys, you are all mine, oh, but don’t worry, I will keep you alive and ticking, but believe me, when you get out of here. Every top Dominatrix in the world will place a claim on you. By the way, just to be clear, null and void does not mean freedom at all, it only means you will be released from my prison and sent to a slave market where Top Dommes go shopping for free slaves. If you disobey an order after being collared by a Domme who purchased you at one of the slave markets in question, you will be sent back here for life or execution. Understand that if you are good boys after release, your lives will be a lot easier under the control of a Dominatrix than under my command here, you will be under severe forced labour, but horses have learned to love being mounted and so will you boys love your slavery. You will learn to be fond of your Female Superiors and look forward to a long life of servitude.
Now prisoners, you must realize that my entire staff is Female and all my girls are under 30 years old. All have been recruited from 100 different countries and were Top Dommes in their local areas, many have been officers in the military. Hence! Do not be fooled by their sexy appearance, these Ladies are ruthless and they do not accept no for an answer. So boys from now on forget about the word (no), pretend it never even existed. When one of my girls tell you to jump, you say: ‘How high Boss?’.
7 days a week, from 7:AM to 9:AM all my girls train in this gym. Therefore, all prisoners must report here in the gym at 9:05AM totally naked and on their knees ready to obey orders. At 9:10AM, prisoners will line up and at the snap of my fingers, they are to begin licking the floor inch by inch. Now considering this gym is the size of a football field, this will take a while. So prisoners will be given a one minute break every hour. This pause will guarantee captives do not pass out from fatigue on the first day. This will be your morning ritual for the rest of the year. The ritual is symbolic, it means you are worshiping the ground Females walk on and I figure that after a full year of this formal procedure, the proper way to respect femininity should be hammered in your empty skulls. All men should be taught this at school, not only prisoners. But hey! Good thing I am not running the education system.

At 1PM diner will be served, my staff will dump your meals on the floor you have just licked and you will eat your lunch like dogs do. But before you do, my girls will walk all over your food. This ceremony meaning that not only you worship the ground Females walk, you also worship the dirt coming off their feet.
Ok! I want you here on your knees in front of me at 9:05AM boys”.
Training day number 2:
Madame Power:
“Ok prisoners. 
I see all of you have obeyed my orders and none of the prisoners are missing. Perfect! I will not have to send anyone to the dungeon which would mean being one tongue short for the morning ritual.
Now before you start licking slaves, remember that your meals will only be served at 1PM and you cannot take more than a minute break every hour. My gym manager, Mistress Natasha, a SEXY Dominant Female who was trained by the KGB in special interrogation methods, will be checking on everyone of you boys and believe me, she better see you at work or you will not like what happens to you next. 
Remember! You have been sent here by your governments, therefore we have full authority over you prisoners. We can never be held accountable either because we have been given, Carte Blanche, as serious as execution rights. Yes, that means the death penalty. But do not worry boys, I rather keep everyone of you alive in order to transform you into a perfect asset for Top Dommes. After all, Females cannot achieve world domination without good hard working slaves. Dead slaves do not produce any revenue.
In addition, please do not make the mistake to misjudge Mistress Natasha; she was not only an interrogator working out of Siberia, she was also a surgeon and each one of you has been drugged into a deep sleep in order to allow her to inject a device within your bodies, this, if triggered, will cause each of you unbearable pain until she decides to let go of the button. In case you think we are just joking, here is a little demonstration.

‘Mistress Natasha, why not show Paul you mean business.’

Mistress Natasha:

‘Ok Madame Power you are the boss. Sorry Paul but orders are orders.’

Paul falling to the ground.

‘Ouwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, please stop Mistress, please stop.’

Madame Power:

‘Ok Mistress Natasha, I think ours boys will think twice before disobeying our orders don’t you?’

Mistress Natasha:

‘Yes I think our little lesson was conveyed appropriately.’

Madame Power:

With that being said, you will notice at the North end of the gym, 5 by 5 Feet squares marked by red tape. Each square has a 6 inches by 2 feet pink rectangle wherein each of your names have been written. At 1PM, when the bell rings, you are to stop licking immediately in order to move North, then on my command, you are to get on all fours within your square.  
You will be conditioned to cherish your red squares because it will be your kitchen table for the next year. Your mindset before kneeling should be as such:
(I love and cherish my kitchen table, I am a dog and should not be allowed to eat anywhere else but on the floor)
With that being said, you might also be wondering who is this Gorgeous Black Goddess standing next to me on my right. No she is not staff. Nevertheless, she is a very wealthy slave owner from Africa and she is the one in charge of the slave market you will be sent to upon release.
So let me introduce you to Goddess Kali. You can always find her where men are being trained and programmed for slavery. I mean she does not manage a slave market just for fun, how do you think she became so wealthy. A picture of Goddess Kali will be placed on a tiny altar next to your food so that like in a Pavlovian sense, your mind will be already bonded to her when you leave this boot camp.  
On my left stands two 6 feet 7 inches Norwegian Twins. Mistress Lilith and Mistress Gaia. I have recruited these Girls because they were training for the Olympics. They only have one thing on their minds, Running! But we all know those who win the Olympics, except for a few, end up poor, so I convinced them there is way more money to make in training males for slavery. Since they Love running so much, their job is to run in the woods for a couple of hours, then come back to this gym in order to walk all over your food with their military boots which they never never clean. 
Now in a minute, my dear friend which I call my Lucy Liu look alike should walk in. Poor little tiny Tang Pei, always late for her appointments. Tang like Goddess Kali are two very important pieces of the puzzle, the puzzle being of course, the draft containing the necessary logistics in order to achieve Female World Domination. Tang has these documents locked into a vault, and it is her passion to set the gears in motion.
Tang and Goddess Kali are in constant communication. This is the way our system works. Goddess Kali’s Job is to break males TOTALLY.
Tang truly depends on Kali’s skills. It is very important that when a slave is shipped to China by Goddess Kali, that he’s exactly like one of those Drones the military uses. Yes, a drone can be sent into enemy territory just to be destroyed as a decoy. The owner can do whatever she wants with her drone, even fly it straight in the wall. This is only a metaphor, but I am sure you get the picture. Fundamentally, when Kali is done programming a slave for obedience, she could order him to jump off a bridge and the slave would obey. Whereas Kali focuses on training, Tang’s centre of attention is strictly FINANCE. Her job is to set up very profitable franchises for Women mostly located in regions that have been exploited by Western Imperialists, like China, Vietnam, the Philippines and so on.

Tang is so clever, we believe her business model will be so lucrative compared to Big Brands, like Coke and McDonald who depend on paid staff that perhaps even Walmart, Costo and all other male dominated Giant corporations will go bankrupt. As we speak, Tang has set up a dry-cleaner chain. Inspired by the sitcom the Jeffersons, she has managed to turn a fictitious screen success into a real one, with profits by far greater than those achieved by Louise Jefferson who did not have a free labor force at her disposal.
The Jeffersons is an American sitcom that was broadcast on CBS from January 18, 1975, through July 2, 1985, lasting 11 seasons and a total of 253 episodes.[1] The Jeffersons is one of the longest-running sitcoms,[2] the second-longest-running American series with a primarily African American cast (surpassed in 2012 by Tyler Perry’s House of Payne by one episode),[1][3] and the first to prominently feature a married interracial couple.[1][4]
The show focuses on George and Louise Jefferson, a prosperous African-American couple who have been able to move from Queens to Manhattan owing to the success of George’s dry-cleaner chain

BUT WHAT MAKES TANG’S dry-cleaner chain so special and different?

Sexy as she looks in black leather, one should never underestimate Tang. Firstly, she figured that in order to break the financial grip of the top 300 male dominated families who rule the entire commercial transactions upon this globe, one had to go underground, especially hidden from the government. This way, the money saved on taxes would give her an advantage over other business men, as for having an advantage over those who do not pay taxes either, well saving on wages would eventually exhaust the competition.
In our case, underground means no one should know we run a business, except of course the Ladies who save a fortune by using our free labor setup. So her plan went like this, she would purchase a house for a Female who wanted to become a slave owner, and this manager would give out the word she runs a book club in her home. But in reality, the Home a carefully mapped out prison for male slaves, either ex-inmates or freeman turned into slaves by femdom brainwashing.

The houses did have a place to read and discuss the classics, not only to make it appear a good front, but to provide a free education to Future Femdom leaders. But many rooms had trap doors on the floor designed for the dumping of dirty laundry. Each opening designed for a different item, like duct number one being for dirty panties, #2 for bras, #3 for nylons, #4 for shoes that need cleaning like running shoes, or expensive Gucci’s requiring a shine. All 2 feet in diameter tube feeding carts on wheels in the basement with the contents of each cart being carefully handled by a its own slave having for responsibility to deliver whatever falls into his basket within a period of 4 hours.

The supervision of the basement is simple. Slaves live in the basement and are only allowed a 4 hours walk in the park three months. This is done very discreetly since not a soul is suppose to know that slavery is just around the corner. Hence! Each slave is released at different times and shoved in the trunk of a Mercedes

Now only Ladies are aware of this fact, but when it comes to cleaning very expensive Female clothe, most dry cleaners completely destroy the material. Most of the outfit Top Models wear have to be clean by hand and very gently. So Tang trained slaves how to properly take care of Female clothing and the price charger was only 1 dollar per item and the same for shoe shine.

Well stay tuned and find out….